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Relaxing Vichy Shower with 4 Hands and Sweet Orange

Massage shower with sea or fresh water at 38º C which combines 5 jets of water with a massage given by 2 therapists simultaneously, together with the calming effects of sweet orange.

Relaxing Vichy Shower for Muscle Well-Being with 2 Hands and Rosemary

Massage shower with sea or fresh water at 38º C at a low pressure complemented with a localised massage given by 2 hands. The combination of the water with the massage and rosemary oil assures the stimulation of circulation and muscle strengthening.

Anti-Ageing Cocoon Capsule with Olive Therapy Wrap

We combine the therapeutic power of the olive and leaves of the olive tree in an antioxidant wrap which protects the skin from premature ageing and dehydration.

Anti-Celullite Cocoon Capsule with Green Tea Wrap

Body wrap based on green tea which assures reducing and toning effects, that are visible and of long duration and enable silhouette modelling and the combat of water retention.

Thalasso Capsule (Pure Treatment)

Capsule with jets of water of variable pressure and temperatures fluctuating between 37ºC and 42ºC. Treatment indicated for problems concerning circulation and cellulite.

Jet Shower

Jets of seawater or freshwater of variable pressure and temperatures between 37º and 42º C. Treatment indicated for problems of the circulatory, musculoskeletal and cellulite sphere.

Sauna and Steam Room

Indoor Heated Pool

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